Package from Melbourne: Australian chocolate!

About three weeks ago a package P’s Mum had organised for us arrived. When P knew his Mum was going to be visiting us in the UK one of the first things he asked was if she would be able to bring us some Aussie chocolate. Whilst she wasn’t able to bring it with her, her partner kindly sent these over:


A jumbo sharing pack of Snickers Pods. If I’d had my way I wouldn’t have shared!


Yum. Yum. Yum.

I had never seen these before in my life but wow, the UK is definitely missing out! Why don’t Mars make them over here? For those of you who have never seen Pods they are a crispy, hollow wafer shell filled with a caramel-like cream and topped with chocolate. They come in lots of different flavours. We had the Snickers ones. The caramel cream had a nutty taste to it just like a proper Snickers bar and they were so moreish! I can see myself getting completely addicted to these once in Australia… can’t wait for my next pack. 😉


A blast from the past – Cadbury’s Top Deck.

The second chocolate bar in our package was Cadbury’s Top Deck. Now, this I do remember! I had my first and only bar of Top Deck when I was about seven years old. We were on a family holiday to Whitby in North Yorkshire and my Dad bought me some from a sweet shop in Robin Hood’s Bay. Isn’t it weird I have such a vivid memory of eating this chocolate bar!? I thought it was amazing at the time as I absolutely love white chocolate. Alas, no matter how hard I tried over the next few years, I never saw a bar of Top Deck again. 😦

I have no idea why the stopped making this in the UK, they should really bring it back! I was scared that the chocolate was going to be really disappointing after waiting 20 years to have another one – but it wasn’t. I still thought it was amazing but it’s incredibly sweet, you could even call it sickly after a while. This can only be eaten in small amounts I think, a good thing as it meant we made it last as long as humanly possible! One of my first tasks upon landing in Melbourne is to buy the biggest bar of this I can find 😀

Do any other UK based bloggers remember Top Deck? I did begin to wonder if I had imagined it!

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