Cookie heaven: Ben’s Cookies

Ben's Cookies logo and shop sign.

Ben’s Cookies logo and shop sign.

Second sweet treat post of the week! While I plan to write a longer post on Oxford’s Covered Market later on, I had to give this particular shop a post all to itself. Ben’s Cookies is one of my most favourite shops in the Covered Market and something I really will miss when the time comes for me to leave Oxford.

Ben's Cookies shop in Oxford's Covered Market.

Ben’s Cookies shop in Oxford’s Covered Market.

The shop is small and simple but once you’ve had a cookie from Ben’s I guarantee you won’t forget it very easily. Cookies are baked fresh in the shop every day – seriously, sometimes you can smell those cookies as soon as you step foot into the market. Is there any smell better than the smell of cookies or cake fresh out of the oven?

The menu. I recommend chocolate and orange, triple chocolate and chocolate and ginger.

The menu. I recommend chocolate and orange, triple chocolate and chocolate and ginger.

I’m a cake and biscuit addict and if anyone has a sweet tooth out there, I would recommend you stopped by Ben’s if you’re ever visiting Oxford.I can’t remember when I discovered Ben’s, but I do know I dragged most of my friends over there when they came to visit.

Peanut butter cookie.

Peanut butter cookie.

I have fond memories of stumbling out of the Bodleian on a Saturday after a full morning (and sometimes afternoon) of hitting the books for my MA dissertation and making a beeline for the Covered Market. A sugar-high of the highest caliber is needed when you’ve looked at so many books and pages of text you no longer know why the hell you decided to do an MA in the first place. Don’t get me wrong – being able to study in the Bodleian was a huge honour and privilege, but also unfortunately left me feeling highly stupid at times. What aids I’m-too-stupid-to-study-at-the-Bodleian-induced-low-self-esteem? Molten chocolate, chewy, gooey, cookie-doughy amazingness, that’s what.

Molten chocolate, chewy, gooey, cookie-doughy amazingness, modeled kindly by P.

Molten chocolate, chewy, gooey, cookie-doughy amazingness, modeled kindly by P.

It’s a real pleasure if you manage to stop by Ben’s just as the most recent batch of cookies have come out of the oven, the smell is heavenly and they are warm to the touch. Plus it makes the cookie’s already delicious chewy centre into an amazing cookie-dough-goo. Another unique thing is that Ben’s is the only place I’ve ever come across that sells cookies by weight. Ben’s isn’t cheap, don’t be surprised to pay nearly Ā£1.30 for one cookie, but it’s worth it. These cookies are hefty. Ben’s don’t do cookies for wimps.

White chocolate cookie.

White chocolate cookie.

Triple chocolate cookie, P's favourite.

Triple chocolate cookie, P’s favourite.

Established in 1983, the shop in the Covered Market is the original Ben’s Cookies store. They have 10 shops in the UK so far, the majority are located in London with two more branches in Bath and Brighton. I was surprised to learn that Ben’s has also gone international – according to their website, they now have shops in far-flung locations such as South Korea, Kuwiat, UAE and Saudi Arabia. Sadly not Australia though. They aren’t even looking for franchise opportunities there – yes believe me, I have actually checked. Does Melbourne possess anything similar? I hope so and I look forward to seeking it out…especially as Ben’s won’t deliver to me :-(.

7 thoughts on “Cookie heaven: Ben’s Cookies

  1. I love Ben’s Cookies! Chocolate and Ginger are my absolute favourites, closely followed by Chocolate and Orange. šŸ™‚ You should start a campaign to get them to open up a shop in Melbourne.

    • Ah a fellow Ben’s lover! You have excellent taste in cookies. šŸ™‚ Thank you for reading and for the follow. I’d love for them to open a shop in Melbourne, I think I’m going to have withdrawal symptoms when I leave. They only want to hear from people based in Hong Kong at the moment, but I would love to run a Ben’s shop if the opportunity ever arose! I need to think about what I’m going to do for a job so who knows? Watch this space! šŸ˜€

    • The chocolate and ginger cookies are amazing Auntyuta! I’m sure you would love them if they ever opened a shop in Sydney. Perhaps I should offer to run a branch? šŸ˜‰ Are there any shops in Australia that sell anything similar? I need to find a new place for my Ben’s fix.

      • I live a bit south of Sydney. For sure, Sydney is very diverse. And all the time new things are coming up there, flavours from all over the world! šŸ™‚ But you have to be prepared that as far as properties is concerned prices are enormous, accordingly rental can be a lot.

    • Oooh oooh yes! šŸ™‚ I’m seriously going to miss Ben’s Cookies when I leave…I ate a chocolate and orange one the other day. SO GOOD. Of course you and Mr Charlesworth are welcome to visit (even more so when you bring cookies). I’d love to show you both round Melbourne once I’ve found my feet. šŸ˜€

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