Formosan Tea Bar: a piece of Southeast Asia in the heart of Oxford.


I’ve wanted to write about this place for a while. For me it’s quite a recent discovery as I only found it in January this year. It just goes to show you that can have lived in a place for a while and still keep finding something new. Tucked down an alley just off Oxford’s High Street (follow the signs for The Wheatsheaf pub and the tea bar is right at the end of that alley), I believe Formosan Tea Bar is still one of Oxford’s best kept secrets.

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Cookie heaven: Ben’s Cookies

Ben's Cookies logo and shop sign.

Ben’s Cookies logo and shop sign.

Second sweet treat post of the week! While I plan to write a longer post on Oxford’s Covered Market later on, I had to give this particular shop a post all to itself. Ben’s Cookies is one of my most favourite shops in the Covered Market and something I really will miss when the time comes for me to leave Oxford.

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May Day madness: Celebrating May Day in Oxford

As today is the 1st May, I thought I’d write my first “Oxford Living” post. To be honest, before I moved to Oxford I just viewed the 1st of May as a normal day, nothing special. I’d never lived anywhere where anything different happened, and in most places in the UK, nothing does. Yet this isn’t the case in Oxford, and the traditional May Day celebrations remain one my favourite city quirks.

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