Weekly Photo Challenge: Nostalgic


Humbugs sweet shop, Lancaster, Lancashire, UK

For this week’s photo challenge, I’ve chosen a photo of Humbugs – a traditional English sweet shop based in my old university town of Lancaster (Lancashire, UK). I went back there nearly two weeks ago now for a reunion of sorts with some old uni friends of mine. It was great reminiscing about past times together, but it was also kinda jarring. Whilst still very much “mine” Lancaster has changed a heck of a lot in the six years since I left and I’m not sure I’m entirely comfortable with it…it was mine and not mine. As we strolled around town the next day, I took some photos and pointed out some sights to P. What affected me most though is that the whole town is now full of ghosts for me. Wherever we went I saw glimpses of myself, friends, and events from years ago – playing out in front of me in an endless loop. It’s only when you go back to a place you know very well and see how it’s changed that you have a real sense of the passing of time. I remember my first day. I remember numerous visits to Humbugs. What scared me most is that it’s probably the last time I’m going to see Lancaster or visit. That was painful –  it’s a place that truly helped make me into who I am.

(Plus I managed to make it look really old by doing something weird to the saturation in Windows picture viewer…move over David Bailey! :-D)